Restaurant Review: Kona Bistro

One of my favorite places in Cincinnati that is no longer was Kona Bistro. Luckily for me - they still have a location in Oxford! It's about 45 minutes away - but it's a pretty drive in a pretty town - so it was worth it! 

Kona - when in Cinci - was in Oakley near the Deweys Pizza. There was really memorable thing about Kona - the bathrooms. The ladies room anyway! :-) It was painted in a duo of bright pink and bright orange - my two favorite colors - along with fun food quotes all over. Love it! I was glad to see that the Oxford location held up this tradition.

It was a beautiful day in Oxford - we meandered up Main Street and stopped at a couple shops and then wanted to eat outside. Luckily Kona has a beautiful patio in the back. Luckily there were a couple of tables with umbrellas for shade and it wasn't too busy.

I started out with my FAVORITE soup from any restaurant ever - it's their crab & corn chowder ($4.50 cup). This soup is just perfection - it's creamy with bite-size veggies and sweet crab + a little kick. Then pair it with the jalapeno cornbread - just plain delicious! I have missed this soup!!!

My next favorite item was the Adobo Salad ($10.95). The salad has adobo spiced chicken, black beans, sun-dried tomatoes, red onion, corn, green onions, monterey jack cheese, romaine & iceberg lettuce topped with spicy avocado dressing. The adobo spice is SPICY! I love this salad - I do think it's a bit small for $11. I would also choose to swap out the sun-dried tomatoes for avocado and grilled mushrooms - but all in all - it was just as good as I remembered.

Why Should You Go? Well for me - there's no question - it's a great place. I miss it here in Cinci - I used to go once/month. It's a mainstay in Oxford so I think it will be there for a while - be sure to check out the bathroom and the soup. Their specials are really great too - whatever they are - I never had a bad one.

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