Restaurant Review: 'Wich on Sycamore

Recently I met up with an old boss for lunch and we headed to the Wich on Sycamore. Originally named Wicked Wich - it's right across from P&G so it's a popular lunch spot.

Their menu has pre-made options as well as the ability to make your own sandwich or salad. Their sides are also very interesting - things like celery couscous crunch and edamame wheatberry salad. Honestly - it's a little too natural for me - I don't know - I have weird texture issues - I don't like couscous or wheatberries, etc... They appear to be very popular though - so if you're intrigued by those - check it out. 

Jeff got the Arugula Salad ($8.99) with goat cheese, figs, candied pecans and lemon olive oil. The funny part was - as he was eating it - he realized he didn't like figs. Oops.  He ended up picking out most of the ingredients but said he enjoyed it.

I have tried the make my own there before and was never too excited - so I decided to try one of their pre-made salads and tried the Santa Fe Chicken Salad ($8.99). This salad has greens, chicken, tomatoes, roasted poblano, onions, jicama, pepper jack, bean & corn salsa and yogurt ranch dressing. This was pretty good - a little spicy for my taste - but all in all - pretty good. It's the kind of salad I would make for myself at home as well.

My salad also came with these croutons but they were awful. They weren't crunchy at all - I tried one and pitched the rest.

Why Should You Go? If you're looking for a salad alternative in downtown Cinci - it's definitely a place to try. I do know that they had one of my favorite soups at the Chicken Soup Cook-Off - so if I go back - I'll be checking out their homemade soups as well.

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