Road Trip: Campbell County Farm Tour - TOMORROW July 19!

About a month ago - I went on the Boone County Farm Tour and had such a great time! The 3 counties in NKY get their local farms together for these farm tour days every summer and lucky for you - Campbell County Farm Tour is TOMORROW (on my birthday) July 19! (Oh and these are FREE!)

To give you an idea of the fun you can have - here are some pics from Boone County - 

 First up was the Eagle Bend Alpaca Farm. They had a couple of very friendly young critters out for us to see. They make the strangest noises when they're freaked out (by a million kids trying to pet them). They have such interesting faces! They also have a shop on the premise to sell scarves, socks, sweaters and toys.

Then there was a BABY out in the field. And we got to see his mama rolling in the dirt (their hobby). So cute!

Next up was Farm Haven - near Rile High School.  They had a veritable petting zoo, lake and log cabin. We bumped into some friends there and their kids were soaking it all in. It was so beautiful!

Also - many farms have items for sale - that's the only cost - if you choose to purchase something - you can - but other than that - FREE!
Then we headed out to Ryan Raised Farm - this was animals, animals and more animals! Plus they sell freezer meat - woohoo! We bought a GIANT steak and a 4-pack of pork chops. Let me tell you - these were the best pork chops I have ever eaten. There's a large ring of fat on the outside - but that holds the juices in so much better - then you cut that off before you eat it. 

Back to the farm - oh it was great - I got to hold a baby sheep! Then I met Caitlyn - she's the horseback riding instructor and her horse. It was so great - he's a great horse and Caitlyn is wonderful. I'm planning on heading out very soon for horseback riding lessons! 

 Lastly - we stopped at Jane's Saddlebag. They have a petting zoo, wine room and a restaurant. I've been wanting to go to the restaurant for a long time - it was fun checking it out. There are also a ton of things for kids - there was cornhole and a playground - it appeared to be a pretty fun spot!

So that's a look at some of the farms in Boone County - and remember - check out the Boone County flier and support your local farms.

And let me tell you - a quick skim of the Campbell County tour - you DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT! My favorite Little Rock is on the tour - they have burgers available for sale and freezer beef. Larry doesn't eat the night before so he can eat more of their burgers that day! They are AMAZING! Get there early - or Larry might beat you to all the burgers! There are quite a few wineries on this tour - so if you like wine - it's another great reason to go. Kids always have a great time too.

This is going to be a great birthday!! And if you bump into me - tell me Happy Birthday! :-)

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