Product Review: Applegate Hot Dogs & their Wienervention!

I'm a hot dog kinda girl - I always have been. That said - I'd like to make sure I'm eating the best hot dog I can (is that an oxymoron?) - and Applegate is concerned with that too. They make natural hot dogs - no nitrates and no chemical preservatives - a good-for-you hot dog!! 

Applegate hot dogs come in beef, pork/beef and lamb-casing. Their products don't stop at hot dogs though - you can check them all out on their website. Sometimes I see them in the "organic" refrigerated/frozen section but other times - they're just along with the other similar products. 

This commercial is really funny - it brings home the steroid issue in a fun way. And when you think about it this way - I don't want to eat that! 

In addition to the hot dogs - they sent along some Rudi's Organic buns...

as well as Annie's Natural condiments and picnic supplies! We were all set - even had an Applegate frisbee! Then I needed someone for the grill...and it wasn't going to be me!

My good friend Leah took the apron and the helm! She's a great cook and said she can also grill - so I was happy to turn the reigns over to her. 

While Leah was helming the grill - her kids were enjoying the pool. Amelie didn't stop for 3 hours!

Even her fur-kid enjoyed it! Poor Guinness didn't stop for three hours either. It was crazy - he is a LARGE and older dog - but he just swam and fetched and fetched and swam. It was a little nuts.

I think he was enjoying himself! haha

Back to the grill - we all enjoyed the hot dogs! They were really good - I mean - they taste different than the other brands but then again - they're not full of un-pronouncable ingredients either.

We also had some thick cut pork chops from Ryan Raised Farm (who I found on the Boone County Farm Tour). I marinated them in a lime vinaigrette...

We had quite a feast and let me say - those were the best pork chops I've ever had. It was kind of crazy how good they were. They were bone-in and had a thick layer of fat around them - I think that helped keep all the juicy flavor in - then you just cut that off after it came off the grill.

I have to give another shout to Leah's kids - seriously - is this not the cutest thing ever???? 

And Mr. B was pretty adorable too - who looks that excited to eat vegetables?! 

Thanks so much to Applegate for the great Wienervention - we all loved the hot dogs and had a lot of fun! 

Disclaimer: Applegate provided this Wienervention Kit to me but all opinions are my own. 

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