Product Review: Gwynnie Bee Clothing Rental

I've tried dating websites, I've tried meal-planning sites, now - I've tried clothing rental sites! There are sites - like Rent The Runway - where you can rent an outfit  - but that site (and others) don't cater to women "of size". But now I found one that does - it's called Gwynnie Bee!

You create a closet on their site of all the items you like and then you can sign up for a monthly contract that has anywhere from 1-5 items at a time. Think of it like NetFlix for clothes. The thing I liked is that you can try it FREE for 30 days!

There is a BIG selection - and there are so many styles to choose from. At first I was really picky about what I was putting in my closet but the customer service rep told me the more things are in my closet - then the quicker the turnaround is.
First up was this patterened maxi dress - it was a little long and not that flattering - I'm too short for it. But not a horrible start!

Next was this yellow shift dress. It was a really different style for me - but I was glad I tried it. This was almost a lightweight sweater material.

They have unlimited returns - so I had a pattern that I would get the item on Friday/Saturday - wear it Monday and send it back on Tuesday. That way I felt like I could maximize my free month to try out the service. I also only chose the one item at a time package ($35.99).

The third dress I got was a little black/white dress. I really liked this on - but it was a little short for my taste - I guess I felt too exposed.

The next dress in my free month was this really cute navy/white polka dot dress. I was putting the sizes in my closet that were a little big because I didn't want something to come and be unwearable. I'm not very picky - so I'm pretty much wearing everything I get. This dress was clearly too big - I wore it - but sent it right back. I've now put this in my closet with a smaller size.

You can also view other items from the same designer - so I've made a mental note to order that brand in a size smaller. Very handy.

They also send you a bag to send the item back in - so it's super simple - I just throw it in my mail box and it's gone! Then you go on the site to let them know you've sent your item back so they can prep your next item. (I tell ya - they thought of nearly everything.)

By this point - I've gone through my free month and I can tell you - I'm sold! I absolutely love having something new to wear every week and for just $35 - it's a great deal. I would spend that on one item - this way - I get 4 every month! So I kept it going! What has come since?
Well this was the first mishap - this dress was supposed to have a slip - OBVIOUSLY. This is where customer service kicked in - every time I emailed them - they were great! And because of the mistake - they sent me a free double item.

Now you're probably thinking - what if I LOVE something and don't want to send it back? Well - you can buy it! When the items is in your possession you're able to see the "buy it" price. Mine have ranged from $16-$80. If you buy it - your card is charged for the price and then they prep your next item.

Why do I bring that up? Cuz this dress was $16 and I bought it. Is it the most amazing thing in the world? No - but it's a wardrobe staple and it was cheap.

Next up I got this yellow shirt - I actually bucked my pattern and kept this for 2 weeks because I nearly bought it. The other cool thing is that the site has a lot of reviews on it. Everybody says the same thing about this one - huge armholes. Just because I'm fluffy doesn't mean my arms are the size of tree trunks.

The latest item I got was this blue stretchy dress. I didn't particularly care for it on me - but I got a lot of compliments on it and it was EXTREMELY comfortable. It also had a double lining. I really like the quality of the clothes.

So there's a peek at the wide variety of the items you could get from Gwynnie Bee. A couple more fun things are seeing what other people get - there are a lot of activity on Pinterest and Instagram.

I hope you'll check it out and - just fyi - the links in this article are affiliated with my account. So if you sign up for a free 30-day trial - I get a free bonus item! W00t!

I really do love the service - and I think at $35/month it's a great deal. It's a splurge - yes - but it keeps me from shopping - so actually - it's SAVING me money!!! :-)

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