Restaurant Review: The Eagle OTR & Holtman's Donuts, OTR

At work we've ALL been talking about the Eagle in OTR. We've actually tried to go twice and get there to be told there is a 45 minute wait. Blergh. 

But luckily we FINALLY had success - on my birthday no less! That is the look of a happy hussy! What you don't see is the smack to the forehead when I realized I forgot my good camera. So my apologies for the grainy photos - but it's all about the food anyway!

One of my buddies decided to make it a happy lunch for himself by ordering this monstrous bloody mary ($8). After he ate part of his lunch drink - he said it was really good.

The atmosphere is very much that of an old comfy bar (even though it's only been open less than 2 years!) The beer list is also pretty great - I saw Larry's favorite bourbon barrel as well.

Everyone knows the real focus here is the fried chicken - but my friend Kelly doesn't like fried chicken. (Wha?????) She was set on trying the Grilled Cheese ($6) stuffed with three cheeses, granny smith apples and apricot preserves. Her words - This is the best grilled cheese ever. EVER. 

The entrees are LARGE and don't come with a side so you order them separately. They come in small cast iron skillets and are definitely a sharable size. A couple folks tried the macaroni & cheese ($4). I tried a bite and actually didn't love it. I think I've eaten the boxed kind too long that real mac & cheese just isn't creamy enough.

The other popular order was the Fried Chicken Breast Sandwich ($8). If you want fried chicken but don't want to mess with the bone - this is  your option. This could totally be split between two people -it's ginormous! It's topped with coleslaw, spicy mayo and pickles. Both people that got this loved it!

I got the 1/4 fried chicken - dark meat ($4) - all their chicken is served with a side of spicy hot honey. The portion size is great - someone on Urbanspoon mentioned it was pricey - I disagree completely! $4 for 3 pieces of fried chicken - that's cheaper than Kroger!

I tried a dab of the honey and it did have a kick. The seasoning on the chicken actually had a kick to it as well - so I stuck with that. It's a bit oily (duh) - but tasty for sure. The chicken was very juicy - I'm a sucker for chicken thighs - so I was in heaven with 2 thighs and a leg.  I think I'm still in search of my favorite fried chicken - but this was definitely good stuff.

Then my favorite thing all day was the Skillet Spoonbread ($4). This cornbread had maple butter inside and real actual corn. It was so incredibly delicious. I would go back just for this. (And special thanks to manager/friend for comping my birthday lunch - he didn't even know about my blog - he's just nice!)

So here's the happy lunch crew - and yes - notice that empty bloody mary glass! ;-) 

The Eagle Food and Beer Hall on Urbanspoon

And then - after fried chicken - what does a birthday girl need? 

Birthday Donuts!!!

Holtman's Donuts is right next door and you just can't walk by without going in. I got a couple of donut holes - figuring that wouldn't overload me from my big lunch. 

I did catch a glimpse of the Maple Bacon donuts in the case and was drooling. Lucky for me I have the best boss ever. He happened to be my birthday buddy at work and brought birthday donuts! So on Monday - I got to try these delicious donuts. Most people at work were scared off by them - but let me tell you - they're wrong - it's awesome. To quote Big Bang Theory, "It's sweety and meaty!" I loved them - and you can get them in the yeast or cake - even in blueberry cake!! Wowza!

Holtman's Donut Shop on Urbanspoon

Why Should You Go? Both places are definitely on the "try it out" - the fried chicken is good but the spoonbread from The Eagle is GREAT. And the donuts - DELICIOUS!

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Have you been to the Eagle or Holtman's? What's your favorite at each? Let me know so I can try it next time! 

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