Restaurant Review + Giveaway: Noodles & Company - Cheviot

Recently I was invited to Noodles & Company new location on the west side in Cheviot on Glenway Ave. 

They have a few new summer dishes they wanted me to try: Margherita Flatbread, Backyard BBQ Chicken Salad and Asparagus di Parma - as well as sampling their other "tastes of the world".

I really like the new location - it has the feel of a "sit-down" restaurant much more than "fast-food" The lighting is a little lower and there is a lot of natural woods. They do still have the cool Coke machines with 10,000 variations (or whatever it is).

We started out with appetizers: garlic cheese bread with marinara, potstickers and margherita flatbread. The cheese bread is great - but seriously - it's cheese bread - how can it be bad? The potstickers were really great - (egg free) - Larry gobbled most of them up. They had a little kick on their own - then the sauce was double-kick! The margherita flatbread was fine - but not a lot of flavor - it was my least favorite of the three.

I didn't realize that they had wine & beer - but they have a special station where they have a guest manager that handles that, desserts and anything else you need. I love that they have some local craft beers as well - and it varies by location - so chat them up and give them a couple recommendations!

My favorite summer special by far was the Backyard BBQ Chicken Salad. This has fresh-off-the-cob corn, tomatoes and cabbage tossed with pulled chicken breast coated in a sweet bbq sauce on top of lettuce - then a great coleslaw dressing brings it all together. This is summer in a bowl and I love it! The corn is sweet - the chicken juicy - it's just awesome. 

Another delicious summer special is their Asparagus di Parma. There's spaghetti with a white wine butter sauce topped with mushrooms, tomtoes, asparagus and parmesan-crusted chicken. This was really good - the parmesan crusted chicken has a lot more flavor than their regular. I really liked it! Larry did too! 

My final favorite - is their mac & cheese - it's just delicious. I'm picky about mac & cheese - most "homemade" don't taste right to me - there's usually too many breadcrumbs or something - this was creamy and cheesy and delicious. They served this in our tasting with oven-roasted meatballs. The meatballs were a bit of a surprise but so good! I would definitely get any of these three dishes every time I went.

Since we were tasting the world - we had THE WORLD - we tried so many pastas! Mediterranean (top left), pesto cavatappi (bottom left) and Bangkok curry topped with their slow-braised pork. I think the pesto was my favorite of these. The veggies in the Med are very crisp and I'd like them sauteed a bit more. The manager told me the curry is one of their most popular dishes and it was good - the pork on top was REALLY good.

They also have a lot of options that are healthy and you can mix & match toppings with dishes with pastas. There are so many combinations - it's really easy to find something that fits your taste!

They also have sandwiches (who knew?). I tried their BBQ Pork and Mediterranean (vegetarian). The pork was REALLY good. There was just enough sauce that it was tasty - but not soaked and overpowering. The Mediterranean was good too - but you know - it's hard to compare a vegetarian sandwich with mac & cheese topped with meatballs! hahaha! They also have a Cheesesteak and a Spicy Chicken Caesar sandwich. 

After they had us taste the entire world (we took home a LOT of food) - then they said - Oh how about dessert???? What the what???? They were all delicious. Seriously. 

The Tres Leches cake was my favorite - but I'm kind of addicted to that right now. It's a delicious cake that doesn't get soggy with all this milk - but it's sooooo good. I practically licked the plate. Later I tried the carrot and chocolate cake - I preferred the carrot - but they were both really good. 

Why Should You Go? There are so many things to try - I'm not sure how you could not find something you like. I don't get there often because there isn't one in my neighborhood - but when I do - I enjoy it. The service is also great - they're really friendly and helpful.

Now - enter to win two free bowls (or salads/sandwiches) for you and a friend!

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