Restaurant Review: Mad Tree Brewing & Bones' Burgers

My hubby and I like to visit the local breweries - one we hadn't been to was Mad Tree in Pleasant Ridge! They're the ones with the fun colorful cans you see in the store! 

They have a brewery & tap room off I-71 in Pleasant Ridge. It's got a small patio and a large open area inside. Unlike the downtown tap rooms - there is AMPLE parking!!!!

Inside there are tvs, tables and a lot of space. Most of these tap rooms don't spend money on ambiance. You're there to hang with friends and drink some beers. Ambiance Schmambiance!

They have about a dozen beers on tap - some of their own and some from other brewers. You can also get growlers filled too.

Tap rooms cannot serve food (legal hooha) so they often times will have a food truck nearby - in this case Bones' Burgers was hanging out in the parking lot.

They're big on grass-fed beef - which coincidentally I found out from my Certified Angus Beef Friends isn't always great for TASTE. My Angus friends said that all beef is grass-fed - until "the end" and then a lot of places switch to corn (grain fed) because the corn feed adds the flavor!!! So if you're eating grass-fed beef and missing flavor - that might be why. 

That said - grass-fed beef was in the cards for me that day (it's all they have). I tried the Alpine Burger ($8.50) which was topped with grilled onions & mushrooms with melted swiss cheese. The staff at Bones' was really friendly and joked with me. Unfortunately I didn't love the burger - the meat didn't have much flavor - it was an ample size though - and I thought $8.50 for a burger was pricey (no fries).

Why Should You Go? If you haven't been to Mad Tree - you should grab some friends & go. As far as Bones' - it was fine - but not my first choice for a food truck.

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