Products I Love!

Sometimes I try things and I just need to tell someone how much I love them - that's today! 

I love the idea of pretzel buns but so many times they're HARD! (Wendy's - I'm talking to you.) I like a soft pretzel and when I saw this little package of joy tucked away - I knew I'd found what I was looking for. Yeah for Aunt Millie's Pretzel Buns! Aunt Millie's has great products and - sure enough - these were just what I liked. They were soft, buttery and delicious. I also love that they come in a four-pack - so I don't have to make burgers 3x in one week to use them all before they go bad! (I found these at Kroger.)

Also at Kroger - I was originally offered a promotion to try these Seasoned Pork Carnitas for free with my Kroger coupons. I thought - okay - I'll try them once. ZOMG AMAZING! They are in my cart at least twice/month!

Why so amazing?! They're in a container that you can just take off the cardboard wrap you see here and then poke a couple holes and pop in the microwave. The thing is - NOBODY will know they were microwaved! The pork comes out juicy and super tender - everybody will think you had this braising all day.

And you'll serve them up some tacos knowing it only took you a few minutes to get dinner on the table!

So there you go - a couple of things I've tried recently that I loved! Let me know if there's something I should try!

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