Restaurant Review: Blaze Pizza - Mason, OH

Earlier this year, a new "fast casual" chain opened in Mason. Blaze Pizza has 30 locations open now with about 30 more to open in the next couple of years. I love the look - it's got such a great pop of color!

Look familiar? Yeah - it pretty much looks & runs just like a Chipotle. It's a build-your-own pizza place and they have a few "signature" pizzas or you can create your own. From there - they make it right in front of you! It's only $6.95 per pizza - for as many toppings as you want - which is pretty awesome. It's a little cheaper if you just go with 1 ingredient - but why would you do that???

The staff was very friendly - especially since I had my "big camera" out that day. You can go with red sauce or olive oil - I got a load of toppings! Larry went with one of their signature pizzas.

After all the toppings are on - they pop it in their wood fired oven and let it bake for a few minutes. Looks delicious!

Larry had red sauce, green pepper, pepperocinis, black olives, green olives, mushrooms, mozzarella and sausage. He REALLY liked it! He isn't the biggest eater but he polished off the WHOLE PIZZA!

I wasn't sure my pizza would be able to hold it all - olive oil sauce, roasted garlic artichokes, tomatoes, green olives, black olives, goat cheese, pepperoni, crumbled meatballs and mozzarella. Yum! It was a really thin crust pizza and tasty. I couldn't even finish the whole thing. It's 8 small pieces.

Why Should You Go? We both liked it! I liked being able to choose whatever I wanted and get something different than Larry. The pizza is super thin-crust and crunchy. It was also really busy - there were a few other restaurants in the strip - but that was the only one that had a line. And - the price is right too! 

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Disclosure: Thanks to Blaze Pizza for providing us two free pizza cards to try it out. All opinions are my own.

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