Restaurant Review: Stone Bowl, Oakley

I recently heard about Stone Bowl - the new Korean restaurant in Oakley across from Crossroads in the semi-cursed spot formerly held by Great Scott. 

My friend Lauren and I decided to get two lunches and share - first up is the miso soup that came with both. We were both really disappointed with the soup - let's get real here - it's chicken broth with some tofu and green onions. It was super bland! When you know you're getting chicken broth with tofu and you STILL think it's bland - it's damn bland. We had to put salt in it!! What the what???

*SUNDAY MORNING ROLL– salmon & cream cheese, deep fried roll
* ALASKAN ROLL -fresh salmon, avocado, cucumber

The lunch menu has 2 rolls + miso for $7.99. Again - hate to say it - bland. Bland Bland Bland. The fish had no flavor and there was barely any spicy mayo. Even the soy sauce was bland - you could totally tell it was watered down. Blergh. Blandsville. 

The other lunch special we ordered was the Stone Bowl Bi Bim Bap that comes with a trio of add-ons: kim chee, honey potatoes and some kind of radish (I forget). These were disappointing as well - Riverside's are much better.

Last up was the Bi Bim Bap - it was hot as helllllll - which it's supposed to be. This lunch is $10.95 - which is pretty pricey for lunch - but I love BBB so i was looking forward to it. It's served with rice noodles, veggies, steak and a fried egg - along with a side of Korean spicy sauce.

I opted to mix it myself (they'll do it for you). The sauce added some zing to it but again - bland. I still prefer Sunny Deli - even though it's not in a stone bowl - it's just all around better - and cheaper.

Why Should You Go? I really wouldn't bother. I was pretty disappointed. It was fine but just meh. 

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