Nominate someone for a Frisch's Pumpkin Pie Today!

We love Frisch's Big Boy - until those McDonald's Chocolate Chip Frappes came out - Larry's breakfast often times consisted of a Big Boy (pickle & cheese only). He rubbed off on me and that's the way I usually order them. But this time of year - there's one thing I'm always sure to get:

Frisch's Award-Winning Pumpkin Pie! Yum yum yum! So glad it's back! 

It's rich & creamy and they never skimp on the whipped topping either. My mom makes a wonderful pumpkin pie - but she's 8 hours away - so I just grab one at Frisch's and we're good to go for the holiday potlucks and dinners! 

Here's the thing though - sometimes there are people in your life that deserve a Frisch's Pumpkin Pie - right? But how do you gift someone a pie? Well - Frisch's figured it out! Nominate someone in your life - it could be your kid's teacher, your pastor, the grocery store clerk - anyone! Who knows - they might win a pumpkin pie! 

I nominated the maintenance guy in our building - Roger. He's amazing! Every day he comes in and has a big smile on his face and is always ready to make you smile. Roger does so much in our building and yes - he gets paid to do it - but he goes the extra mile and tries to help out any way he can. Everybody in our building loves him and I decided that he deserved a pie - so I nominated him and he was chosen! (I actually did this before Frisch's even asked me to tell all of you about it!) 

So here's Roger with his Frisch's gift card - all ready to head to Frisch's and get some pumpkin pie deliciousness! 

Disclosure: Frisch's provided me a gift card in exchange for this post but all opinions are my own. 

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