Product Review: Half-Time Lunches by Applegate

We're always looking for quick and easy lunches - Larry has been known to like Lunchables but they're so not good for you - and full of preservatives! I've come to really enjoy the products from Applegate - I tried their hot dogs earlier this summer - and was excited to find out they now have something similar to Lunchables.  

It's called Half-Time and is - as they say - Lunching Awesome. 

Half-Time comes in three varieties: bologna, turkey or ham. Each comes with crackers, cheese and two sides. The great thing is you can have a quick lunch with no preservatives, antibiotics or artificial ingredients. The snacks are from Stonyfield (yogurt) and Annie's (bunny crackers or gummies).

These are targeted towards kids - of which we have none - but I decided to take one for lunch so I could try it for myself. It was plenty of food for lunch (I always pack snacks for the morning and afternoon as well). My favorite thing was actually the Annie's crackers that came with the meat & cheese. 

I've seen some Applegate products at Kroger but you can find the Half-Time products at Targets around Cincinnati - or check out their locator if you're in another city. 

Disclosure: Thanks to Applegate for sending me a sample pack of all 3 varieties along with some other Half-Time swag. 

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