Restaurant Review: Chuy's Green Chile Fest

Mexican food is pretty much my favorite food - I'm 99% sure I could eat it every day and be happy - as long as I got some Kraft Mac & Cheese once every few months. One place I really like here is Chuy's Tex Mex! 

Recently they had their annual Green Chile Festival and invited me to check it out - I'm always up for Mexican food - so that was a quick HELL YES!

We started with their chips & salsa - which is awesome. The salsa has a little kick but it's not too hot - I'm a wuss. The chips are the star to me - they're super thin and crispy - yum!

One thing I love is that they have this little room where they make the tortillas from scratch - right there in the middle of the restaurant! Love it! I think I have found my next job. :-)

Also - their queso - it's just plain amazing - (I have recreated it pretty well - check out my recipe) - so I have to get that for every visit. Delish!

Larry got one of their enchiladas - I don't remember which one but it was super cheesy - so good. I was happy he couldn't completely finish it - because then I got to take some home for lunch!

If you'll notice on the photo above - there was something on the Chile Pepper menu that caught my eye - Frito Pie Enchiladas!!! This was awesome! The green chile sauce and the fritos crunching in the enchiladas - total yum! The portion size at Chuy's is huge also - so there's always leftovers (2nd lunch!).

And even though I was stuffed - there is one thing I can't leave Chuy's without - their Tres Leches Cake. It's literally a scientific miracle. The cake sits in milk but doesn't get soggy. HOW DOES IT DO THAT???? I have no idea - but that shiz is crazy good and a piece that huge lasts me 2-3 days!

Why Should You Go? Well - Green Chile Fest is over - but the good food isn't. I love Chuy's - it's quickly become one of my favorite - maybe because of the queso and the cake - but they - I'm simple - that's all it takes.

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Disclosure: Chuy's provided our meal but all opinions are my own. 

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