Restaurant Review: Moerlein Lager House

This review gets you two meals in one! I've been to Moerlein Lager House a couple times in recent weeks and decided to put them together to give you one well-rounded post on a bunch of their offerings!

My sweet husband took me out to lunch and he was all in a healthy mood (it's rare - so we go with it) and he got the Blackened Chicken Salad ($12). I have to admit this looked delicious and the chicken was super juicy (cuz I stole a bite). The honey-lime vinaigrette was great too - good stuff here. 

I decided to try their Lunch Combo Plates for $11 - they have quiet a few items available which all sounded good...what would I choose?

I chose the BLT Salad with a Cheddar Mett...I got the BLT Salad with a Hot Mett. It was fine but I wasn't too thrilled with either item. The salad was lacking in dressing and was fairly bland. The mett was too spicy for me and the bun was too large to eat. I just cut up the mett and ate it. I didn't mention that I was given the wrong mett because we were on a really tight time-frame and I didn't really have time to wait, etc... So be prepared - the hot mett has a kick. All in all - I didn't love this one - looks good though. :-)

On a separate occasion I treated a couple of clients to dinner - which is always nice because then you have someone else paying the bill :-)

We started out with the Meat & Cheese board which is served with grilled beer bread, spicy mustard, 
applekraut and pickles. We chose 3 from each list for $15.

I'm trying to remember all that we chose - I know there was smoked salmon, candied pork belly and smoked sausage. The cheese was goat cheese fritter, kickapoo (cuz it's fun to say) and fresh mozzarella. They have lots of options for meats & cheeses to please anyone and the price is great too for an appetizer.

We went to TOWN on this one - we definitely had an empty board when we were done. :-)

Julia & I went for the Spicy Corn Chowder ($4) - it was a bit unexpected for it to be a tomato base. It was fine - not great - but not too bad either.

Oleg (yup - Oleg!) had the french onion & mushroom soup - he really enjoyed it. Julia's entree was the Meatloaf ($17). She was hemming & hawing but finally settled on this. She enjoyed it but wasn't quite prepared for the size (huge portion).

I had the easiest choice - if I see Short Ribs ($24) on a menu - I get them...with good reason. They're always amazing! These were served with a Barbarossa demi-glace topped with tomato chutney. This was DELICIOUS!! I tell ya - live by that rule - if you see Short Ribs on a menu - just put it down and order.

Why Should You Go? All in all - I enjoy Moerlein - the beer selection is great and I've had a good success rating with their food. My guests also enjoyed it - especially the view - after a long day of meetings - it's nice and peaceful to just relax with a nice drink and enjoy the view. I even introduced Oleg to the Bourbon Barrel Ale - he was a happy guy!

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