Restaurant Review: Orchids at Palm Court's Pasta Bar

One of my favorite foods is pasta - it's so delicious and goes with anything! So - the other day - when a coworker suggested we go to a made-to-order pasta bar - I was sold! So we headed to the Orchids at Palm Court

It wasn't very busy in the restaurant. They had one chef at the pasta station and he had a line of 4 people waiting - so it takes a while to get your food.

You select the veggies and meats that you want - they have a lot of choices - shrimp, chicken, sausage - artichokes, mushrooms, olives, etc... and they cook the mixture up while you wait.

Always so impressed by the tossing - no idea why. Once your veggies & meat are cooked through - then you choose your pasta - bowtie or penne - and then your sauce - marinara, alfredo, olive oil or pesto cream.

I went for the pesto cream, sausage, shrimp, mushrooms and artichokes topped with grated Parmesan. The pasta was pretty good - I guess I would love to see some more adventurous selections on the bar - but I liked what I chose. It's hard to go wrong or for it to taste bad.

The bread basket was great as well - once we were seated - they brought the basket out and had fresh butter. They also refilled the bread/butter after we'd polished off about half of it. :-)

If you haven't been - the Orchids is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the city. It's completely art-deco and so amazing. I could just walk around all day and pick out little unique architectural features.
Why Should You Go? Well - I have mixed thoughts on Orchids. I will say - I have only experienced this pasta bar - I'm sure the full menu is different. This was okay. The pasta was fine but in that type of situation - I would expect that the chef would have some type of personality. Ours was fine - he did what he was supposed to but with no conversation or flair. It was fine but not sure how soon I'll be back.

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