Black Friday Product Reviews

So it's Black Friday and we're all shopping - right? Well it may be from our couch - but still shopping! Here are some new products I tried and what I thought of them. 

1. Progresso Chili Smokehouse Pork & Beef - this is new in the fact that it comes in these larger foil packs. It appears to be a more hearty portion size than the can. After actually opening it and putting it in a pan - it's probably about the same as a can - it's enough for two bowls. The meat is a unique texture - not like hamburger you would put in at home - sort of more pork. All in all though - the chili tasted good and had a thick rich flavor. It's a bit pricey - so not sure I would buy it again - but with a coupon - sure. 

2. Cereco Ceramic Coated Pots & Pans from Brylane Home - A while back, the folks at Brylane Home sent me this set of pots and pans (in purple!). I've been using them in all of my recipes since getting them. There are lots of glimpses of purple in my posts. I really love the ceramic coating - they're non-stick and super slick. The set is the perfect size with 2 skillets, 2 pans and 1 bigger pot. It's quite a deal too at under $60 for the entire set! 

3. Tandoor Chef - The folks at Tandoor Chef sent me some coupons for their frozen entrees. I tried a few different kinds (found them at Whole Foods) - Chicken Tikka Masala, Vegetable Pad Thai and Paneer Tikka Masala. The Chicken & Paneer Tikka Masala were SHOCKINGLY good! It's not like I'm ready to give up on eating at Swad - but for a frozen entree - it was damn near delicious! The paneer also had a side of Rajma Dal (kidney beans & lentils). Both tasted and smelled great! I would definitely buy those again in a heartbeat! I can't say the same for the Vegetable Pad Thai - the noodles were very rubbery and it was barely edible. So stick with the rice dishes and you're good to go. It's also great if you just want a taste of Indian food every now and again. (They also have naan but I haven't had a chance to try it yet.)

Enjoy your shopping day! I bought a new purse for myself on It's pretty awesome - right?! It was 33% off plus free shipping - not too bad! 

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