Food Truck Reviews: C'est Cheese, Empanadas Aqui, Marty's Waffles & SugarSnap

Last weekend I met up with Krissy from All In A Days Work and went to the Jungle Jim's Food Truck Event in the garden lot at their Fairfield location. 

 They had quite a few trucks coming so I was pretty excited to check it out and try some new food. I never get to try food trucks much - they aren't on my side of downtown very often (they should!!)

Marty's Waffles was very bright and hard to miss. I'm not much for a belgian waffle - but Krissy & the kids got one to try. 

This was the standard original I think and I have to say - it looked pretty awesome. Krissy's kids loved it - I'm not sure she got more than a bite! Just what kids need - a bowl of sugar!

Marty's Waffles on Urbanspoon

Next up was Empanadas Aqui - and I was sold. I was prepared to wait in this line - I have this obsession with empanadas and I was not going to be denied.

I asked the counter to give me their favorite and they served up a Carne Mechada filled with shredded flank steak in a sauce of tomatoes, onions, garlic, red peppers and their seasoning. It's all fried and crispy - just makes you drool a bit doesn't it! 

Inside was even better than I thought it would be. This was DELICIOUS. And - the best thing we ate all day - by far. I should have just ordered 4 of these little nuggets of delight. They also had a chicken one that was more of a crispy bread rather than the biscuit-type dough.

The beef were better than the ones I made at the Glendalia (recipe here) but those are still pretty great for home made. Excited to see they have their calendar online - might have to head to Fountain Square this week!

Empanadas AquĆ­ on Urbanspoon

Next up we tried C'est Cheese - which I've seen a million times but never tried. The kids got a plain but we went for something unique - the Bee Sting.

The Bee Sting was fine but by this point we were full and it wasn't really good enough to make us want to eat the whole thing. It was very cheesy and you could definitely taste the honey - which was the best part of the sandwich.

This little guy loved his plain grilled cheese - look at that face! That was the best part of the day - hanging out with Krissy & her kids. They are both so cute and so sweet. 

C'est Cheese on Urbanspoon

Lastly - cuz we needed something else (not really) - we hit up SugarSnap and grabbed cupcakes for the road. I got the wedding cake (my usual - lower right). I should have taken it home and eaten it a few hours later - but the sugar was too tempting. #bellyache

SugarSnap! on Urbanspoon

We had a great time at the Food Truck event and even saw a friend from an old job (Hi Ben!). By far - we both enjoyed the empanadas the most. They were perfection. We wanted to try Cuban Pete but he closed up for an hour long break right in the middle. Boo!

What's your favorite food truck?

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