Restaurant Review: Blue Agave

Larry decided I could pick dinner one night after work (rarity) with no restrictions - so I - of course - went for MEXICAN FOOD! 

Blue Agave is in the large strip mall across from Tri-County Mall. It opened this summer. 

Larry got shredded chicken enchiladas and they were delicious! He let me try a bite - they weren't too spicy and had a lot of cheese inside - so yeah - I was pretty much sold. :-) 

I told the server to surprise me - English wasn't her first language so she wasn't really sure what I meant - but after promising and convincing her it was okay - she finally gave in and said she'd bring me her favorite item - which turned out to be Carnitas. I love carnitas - so they were good - although I was hoping for something a little more adventurous or cheesy. :-) 

Why Should You Go? Blue Agave wasn't amazing - but it was decent. It's fairly standard for Mexican food. The service was good and friendly - it's so close to my husband's work - I'm sure we'll be back.

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