Restaurant Review: Elusive Cow

So I have a posse. Yeah - I'm cool like dat. 

This is my posse. Okay - it may not be much of a posse - but it's all mine. The far left Matt wanted to gather the group for lunch and was bugging us about trying The Elusive Cow in Bellevue. I had been to their booth at Fountain Square once - but it was quite a while ago - before their bricks & mortar location opened - so I was down.

The menu has a lot of organic choices and vegetarian options as well. The boys had no idea what tempeh sliders were (and we didn't order them to find out). Matt #1 ordered the free-range fried chicken sandwich ($9.75) with the veggies of the day - zucchini.

Their sandwiches come with a side - you can choose from fries, salad, veggie of the day or kale slaw (raw kale, red onions, dates, green apples). You can also add onion rings ($2.50 extra) or Sweet Potato Chips or Soup ($3 extra).

Tim got a cheeseburger with kale slaw ($9.75 + $1 for cheese). He said the burger was fine but he wasn't a fan of the kale slaw. Now you may think - well he's a dude - but this dude eats Pho like it's going out of style (literally 4 out of 5 days/week!) - so he can kick it with healthy food - but he just didn't like the slaw - there wasn't much flavor to it.

Matt #2 - well he went all in - with a Bison Burger ($10.75 + $1 cheese) on a flax seed bun. We TOTALLY made fun of him for it. Flax seed. Yeek! He said it was good - but again - nothing amazing and he really didn't notice any difference in eating bison - said it tasted like beef.

I did it UP! I got the bison burger ($10.75 + $1 cheese + $1.75 bacon) and onion rings ($2.50). I wish I had liked it for how expensive it was. The burger was dry (I'm guessing it's because the bison is more lean) and really didn't have much flavor. The whole lunch was really dry - I really didn't even finish the burger. I don't doubt the quality of the ingredients - I just didn't find it to have much flavor. The onion rings were too much - I don't know this for a fact but they tasted "chicken-fried". They had the same THICK breading that Matt #1s chicken had - it was very heavy and full of cornmeal. It was far too much - you could barely tell there was onion in there. I ate 2 and Tim tried 1 - he thought the same thing. 

The one stand out was the ketchup! Oddly enough - that was awesome. It's a homemade ketchup and you could tell - it was very good. 

Why Should You Go? If you're looking to try bison or want some vegetarian options - give it a shot. The service is slow (there were only 2 tables of us and it was probably a 90 minute lunch) - so be prepared for that. No matter what you get - ask for a side of ketchup for sure. All in all - we thought it was really expensive for a lunch and not that great.

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