Restaurant Review & Giveaway: Redondo Taqueria

After going to Redondo Taqueria 3x in 10 days - I decided to reach out to them and see if we could you get some gift certificates for you guys. I've literally been 4 Fridays in a row! We like the food, we love the service (Nisha & Valentine know us very well now) and it's super close - so we love it! 

Redondo not only gave me two gift certificates to give away to you guys - they bought me and my girls lunch as a thank you for the blog post and numerous visits! So we lived it UP! We started with their delicious queso fundido ($8) - it's VERY close to my perfect recipe for queso - so I love it!

Valentine also brought us a bowl of their fire roasted salsa with a bowl of chips ($2). We kill those chips every week. They've got salt - but I usually put more salt and squeeze some limes on them to add more zing.

The girls love the Chicken Tortilla Soup ($6) - Dawn often just gets that for her lunch and maybe 1 taco. This has loads of shredded chicken along with sour cream and avocado. It looks and smells delicious! One of these times - I've got to try it.

Valentine has been telling us about the short rib appetizer ($10) in a red wine reduction with creamy rice. He was telling us for a REASON! This was delicious!!!! The rice - OMG - cream cheese, queso, corn and rice - delish! Then the short ribs - just fall apart delicious. Susie got this a couple days ago as her meal. So good! 

On this day, Dawn branched out and decided to try the chicken quesadillas ($7 + $2 for chicken). We were all surprised that it came with three filled quesadillas! Great portion for sure. She liked them and had enough leftover for a take out box. 

Susie paired her soup that day with a crispy fish taco - delicious as ever. I love the very light corn tortillas. That crispy fish is topped with radish, cilantro, citrus slaw and tomatillo aioli.

I'm a huge fan of the Torta sandwich at Taqueria Mercado - so I decided to try the torta at Redondo. I got pork belly torta ($10) because Valentine kept telling me how good it was. Inside the sandwich was pork belly, black beans, guacamole and pickled onion. Unfortunately I didn't love it. The bread wasn't soft like T.M. I have to say - when I opened it up and tried the filling it was pretty good. I didn't love the pork belly though - too crunchy I guess - I'd like to try the hamburguesa to see if it was better.

Here's another close up of a taco - this is the carne asada taco. 

I've been back twice since this visit (seriously - I have a problem) and got a burrito. I forgot to take a pic - but I found what I love now - burrito with citrus shrimp ($9) - then add sour cream, queso, grilled onions, cilantro lime rice and grilled pineapple salsa. Trust me - this was DELICIOUS!!!! 

They had also been raving to us about the churros ($5) - so we finally threw some of them on - there was four of us to split them. They came with vanilla ice cream and a chocolate kahlua sauce. These were really good - they're basically donuts rolled in cinnamon & sugar. They were a bit heavy on the cinnamon - but we devoured them. 

Why Should You Go? Well obviously you know I love it - so I definitely think you should check it out. Plus enter below to win a $25 gift certificate and you might get to check it out for free!

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