Restaurant Review: Rib City

A couple of weeks ago - Larry and I were headed to a movie and decided to get dinner first - mainly because we were an hour early (oops). So we decided to go to Rib City in Fairfield - it's right by the Springdale Cinema and we didn't figure they'd have the standard 45 minute wait that others would.

What a terrible picture - but it was an iphone in the rain in the dark. It's above the Hooters if that helps. They have a really big outdoor deck that would be nice in the summer for sure.

We started with breaded popcorn shrimp with a mild buffalo sauce. Thankfully for Larry & his allergy the sauce was on the side (we thought it would be tossed in the sauce) because the sauce had eggs in it (he could tell by taste) - but after a few shrimp - he realized that the shrimp did too (egg wash). He still ate a few - but his throat was getting itchy so he drank a couple glasses of pop to dilute it. I ate the rest (bonus for me) and it was really good. I don't know for sure - but it tasted like it was hand dipped in batter - rather than poured out of a frozen bag. The mild buffalo sauce is too mild - there's hardly any flavor - but the shrimp was great even on it's own. 

Larry got the pulled pork sandwich with baked beans and sweet potato fries. He liked all of it - the pork was fine - not the best we've had - but fine. The baked beans were REALLY good - very dark & rich. 

I went for a rib tips meal which came with garlic bread, the same delicious beans and corn. The corn was fine - overdone - like you get at Long John Silvers. The bread was dry. The rib tips were okay - but very hit or miss. Some pieces were juicy and delicious while others were dry as the desert. It was definitely inconsistent.   

They have 3 sauces on the table - sweet/tangy, mustard and a hot. I actually liked the mustard sauce the best and was adding it to the shrimp and rib tips pretty frequently. 

Why Should You Go? Well - it was fine - the Butt Shack isn't far away (Winton Rd) and it's much better - but if you're in the area  - it's not awful. The service was good and they were not busy at all - so if you don't want to wait for 45 minutes at a lot of the surrounding places - it's an option. 

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