Review & Giveaway: Neater Feeder

I have two dogs and they're so messy! It drives me nuts - food everywhere - water bowls stepped on - mess mess MESS!!! Then I found...

This thing is pretty nifty and since I've started using it - no more spills or messes! 

The tough part for me was picking out what size to get - they have cat, small, medium and large. I have one large and one small and too many cats. I decided to go for the small - that way Wiener and the cats could use it for water and Wiener could use it for food. 

So what's so special about this?

Here's how it works - the bowls sit on top of a reservoir and then water and crumbs drop down into that reservoir instead of on your floor! Plus - the feet are rubbery so it doesn't slip all over when the dogs run into it (because they always run into it). 

Now - it's your turn to win one of these - enter and win your choice of a neater feeder - you get to pick the size and color for your house! Enjoy!

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