Review & Giveaway: Origami Owl

I wanted an Origami Owl necklace for 2 years...but I didn't want to buy it myself. I wanted Larry to get it for me. I have no idea why - but I just wanted him to get it for me. Finally for my birthday - I just gave him the catalog and said "buy me something". But I'm such a nerd - I had him mark it in the catalog - then I took it to work and gave it to my coworker Kim that sells Origami Owl. Then she had questions - should she ask me? Nope - post it note and I'll take it back to him. I wanted it to be a surprise. After the back and forth - I got my surprise and I love it! It's the only piece of jewelry other than my wedding ring that I wear on a regular basis. 

So I wanted to give you one too! I love that it's so personal - mine has charms for my blog, our birthstones and a cat & puppy charm - all the things I love. What will yours have? 

First - you get to start with a locket & a necklace! Kim picked out a the same locket I have - the silver with crystal sparkles around it and paired it with a really cute silver chain. So what will you put inside if you win?

Kim provided me some of her coins and charms to make a few combos with just for pictures - I know some purse loving friends that would love a little purse charm with their initial - and the owl is too cute! I love the plates for background - they're a fairly new addition - they have a lot of choices and sizes so you could layer them if you wanted to.

This one is my favorite and what I would choose for myself - I love the pearl and charm dangles - they add a lot to the necklace. After Larry bought mine for Christmas I added a couple of these to make it a little more shiny. :-) The ones I chose were a crystal cross and a pink blingy heart. The charms inside were all my favorites - "Mrs" since I'm married, a cute teal stone cuz I love that color and a daisy - my FAVORITE flower.

But if you're a sports mom - there's something for you too - no matter what sports your kids play - there's a charm for you! If they play every sport - put them all together!

So - no matter how you Origami Owl - you'll enjoy the locket, chain & $25 gift certificate to make your own custom locket. They have so many choices - it becomes hard to choose! But I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Also - all of the links in this post are to my own online Jewelry Bar show. If you feel like getting something now - for you, your sister, your friends or your mom this holiday season - go ahead and check it out! You can order online through those links - and yes - if you order - I get a few rewards as well. BUT it also helps me continue to do fun giveaways like this in the future!

So happy entering and happy shopping! And if you have any questions about Origami Owl or would like to host your own Jewelry Bar - you can contact my rep Kim Wehby via email at

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