Product Review: Brylane Home 4-in-1 Maker (quesadillas, omelets, crepes & pancakes)

Disclosure: BrylaneHome provided this product but all opinions are my own. 

Christmas is only a couple of weeks away! I have to say my shopping isn't even CLOSE to being done. Yikes! And time is short - luckily there are lots of great online stores that I can shop on and get gifts quickly and affordably. One of my favorite is

I came across this 4-in-1 maker that makes quesadillas, pancakes, crepes and omelets and it's only $29.99 (50% off)! I make omelets all the time for breakfast - so this will be great - because I can make 2 at a time - and have one to pack for work the next day. But to start it out - I went for quesadillas! 

It's super simple - you spray both sides of the pan, put your tortillas inside. If you use the really small ones - they won't hang over the edge. The bottom of the pan sinks a little so it has room for ingredients. Add your filling - then top it with another tortilla - shut the lid and you're good!

It's really easy to use - when you plug it in - the light is red. Once it's preheated - the light turns green. Then you put your ingredients in - shut the lid - when it clicks and the light goes off - it's done!

For quesadillas - it was super simple - you just popped it in and you were done! It even browned them and made the edges crispy.

And my dinner was served - cojack & salsa quesadillas for dinner! The easiest part was not having to flip the 'dilla. That's the part I always screw up and make a mess - I go to flip it and it falls apart. Plus - when I use a pan - I tend to use more butter - this was just a quick spritz of spray and done!

This morning I decided to make omelets for breakfast for today and tomorrow. Again - super easy!

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The one thing I'll say about making eggs - do not close and lock the 4-in-1 maker. All you have to do is set the lid down but leave it unlocked and just resting on the eggs. This will allow for the eggs to expand while cooking. If you don't - the omelet will squeegee out the sides.

This was super simple - I used 3 eggs to make these two omelets. You could probably do one egg in each as well and that would be just fine.

BrylaneHome has a lot of great gift ideas - I told my husband that I wanted one of these reversible sherpa throws (I'm ALWAYS under a blanket on the couch). And let me say - if we didn't have the cats & dogs - I would TOTALLY get this tree:

It's a Snowing Christmas Tree! How cool is that? I just think it would be a riot - and so much easier than a real tree. I figure though - the cats would try and eat the snow - and I doubt it's cat-safe. :-)

Check out for your holiday gift needs - they're having a big sale right now - and you can still get things before Christmas!

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