Restaurant Review: Tortilleria Garcia

I'm always looking for great, authentic Mexican food. A coworker of mine is from Mexico and she's always sharing places she hears about with me and vice versa. This time she had a new one for me - Tortilleria Garcia in Springdale. She was pretty excited because this one is in our part of town! w00t! 

The menu isn't large and there is no seating - so all food is to-go. They have tacos - steak & pork (but were adding chicken - so it should be there now), rotisserie chicken, sides and also masa and tortillas for sale.
Masa is the corn mixture that's used to make tortillas and tamales. This is a PROCESS! They get the corn from area farms, then cook it down in a series of pots and then it goes into that giant machine. From there magic happens and masa is made. (Okay - not really magic - they can tell you more - they're very friendly and happy to explain the whole process - I just hate taking notes.) 

They are the only place I know of in Cincinnati that does this and sells it. You can buy the masa by the pound or you can buy tortillas by the pound. Belinda said that this machine is the way it's done in Mexico - so authentic is what you get here! 

The tamales were only like $1.99 each so I got one of each - there's a spicy beef and a shredded chicken. My other coworker said - "don't eat the husk!" - which is one of the reasons I'd never tried one - I wasn't exactly sure how to eat them.

I unwrapped the tamales and saw the masa overflowing with filling. Unfortunately I didn't love them. The beef was too spicy for me. The chicken was better but had a little too much of the masa around it. I was with my friend Rachel and she agreed and also thought they were a bit dry.

I ordered the taco combo with one beef and one pork and a side of rice and beans. I also got a Mexican Coke - yum! I grew up in a little town in Iowa that had a large hispanic population - so I grew up knowing good Mexican food. I have to say - the beans were spot on. They reminded me of home and going to our neighbor's house. I didn't like the rice and tacos as much though.

They serve the tacos either Mexican (cilantro/onions) or American (lettuce, tomato, cheese) style. I got them American style cuz I like cheese. Unfortunately, the tacos were really dry. :-( The salsas were good though - especially the green one!

Why Should You Go? While I didn't love everything - I want to try them again - maybe earlier in the day and see if that makes a difference. I'll definitely buy some tortillas when I go back.

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