Restaurant Review: Waffle House - Colerain

It's always exciting when a new restaurant opens in your neighborhood - the first signs of construction - the anticipation of what will it be - then when you recognize the building - you exclaim - A WAFFLE HOUSE!!!!! Well - at least in this case - that's what I did.

The Waffle House just opened on Colerain down the road from Northgate Mall. I was pretty stoked - I actually like it - although I do jokingly refer to it as Awful Waffle - but that's mainly the Covington version. 

I love watching a restaurant line go - it's just amazing to me watching the process and I have to say - they have this thing down to science. I have no idea how they remember all the orders as quick as they come in. They have a couple sets of staff that rotate every 20 minutes or so.

The waffles have their own guy - it is of course Waffle House! They're so light & fluffy - I was super excited

Larry got a burger - everything on the breakfast menu had eggs in it - and a side of hash browns. He just ordered them plain - he's a plain order kinda guy.

Their hash browns can come plain - but you can also jazz them up! Here's the chart of hash brown magic:

Smothered - Sauteed Onions
Covered - Melted Cheese
Chunked - Grilled Hickory Smoked Ham
Diced - Grilled Tomatoes
Peppered - Spicy Jalapeno Peppers
Capped - Grilled Button Mushrooms
Topped - Bert's Chili 
Country - Sausage Gravy

I went for one egg, toast, hash browns capped & covered. I like that there's still some hash browns that are plain and crispy. My mom used to put syrup on her hash browns - so I always do that with the non-cheese parts. The eggs and toast (Butternut bread) are very buttery!

And there it is - the waffle. It's light and fluffy - you can taste the vanilla. It's a good damned waffle. It's not very crispy - but it soaks up the syrup just fine. I love me some waffles - but here - they're big and sweet - you can really only handle one.

Why Should You Go? Well - going to a new Waffle House is a different experience than one with 30 years of smoke and grease on the walls. I kept begging Larry to take me - and I'm glad he did. I like their breakfast and think it's a pretty good deal.

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