Restaurant Review: James Third Base - Mason, OH

One of my great friends got a new job all the way on the other side of town!! (the horror) Luckily I was off between Christmas & New Years so I drove my hiney up to Mason to visit Amy and have lunch with her! We decided to try out James' Third Base on Reading Rd. 

It's been many things over the years - I know I was there years ago under former owners. It's near Two Men & a Truck and the Asian Grocery in a long strip mall. Why Third Base? Cuz it's your last stop before you head home! 

Inside - it's a great looking sports bar - lots of TVs, lots of tables & booths, friendly staff - it's a great spot. If we lived closer - I'm sure Larry would be a regular. 

Amy got the BLT that comes with Saratoga Chips ($7.99). She seemed to enjoy her sandwich - we were too busy talking for me to ask. The bacon was very crispy.  

I was going to go for the Fish Sandwich ($9.99) because people on Urbanspoon had recommended it - but I changed my mind last minute and went for the Patty Melt ($8.99). I also got the saratoga chips with a side of BBQ and a side of ranch. I wish I'd tried the fish. :-( The patty melt was fine - marble rye, grilled onions & cheese but it wasn't anything special. The burger had no flavor and the ranch wasn't amazing (like Mt Adams Bar & Grill). It wasn't bad - but it wasn't that memorable. The chips were fine as well - very crispy and the BBQ sauce was rich - a little sweet, a little bitter. 

Why Should You Go? It's a great environment and if I lived a little closer - I'd definitely go more often. The patty melt wasn't amazing but it was good enough that I'd definitely go back. Amy was giddy to find a place close to her office that she could go. 

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