Restaurant Review: La Canasta

I've recently been fairly obsessed with taquerias - but the thing is - I've been driving by one for 3 years now and haven't gone inside. Well that was about to change! 

La Canasta is right by our favorite car wash (Royal Car Wash on Colerain) - it's a grocery store and taqueria. I didn't have much going on except grocery shopping - and I had my new authentic Mexican cookbook - so I was a little inspired.

I'm such a nerd when I shop at a Mexican grocery - I don't even know what I'm buying half the time - but I still buy it. These are some of the things I wanted to buy - but refrained from. I mean - I really want to know about the brown sugar in a corn husk. And please someone tell me how to use Exotic Spices from El Salvador! 

This was my haul from the store - rice, beans, sofrito, cheese and tortillas. While I was checking out - I ordered a couple of tacos at the register. They have a full menu - tortas, quesadillas, entrees and more. 

After about 10 minutes - my tacos were ready. they came with this itty bitty teenie weenie cup of red sauce. Little did I know - I was about to burn my tongue off with just a dab of this stuff! You'll see how much I put on - whoooooooooo! Just beware - this stuff is hot!

I got a pork and a steak taco. I love the small tortillas - those are what I really wanted to buy - but the ones I got were a little bigger. They were both good - the meat was tender and flavorful. Although - I realize how American I am - I long for cheese and sour cream. :-)

Why Should You Go? I have to admit - it's a little intimidating. I don't exactly know what I'm looking for but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I wandered a bit and wasn't sure where to order but I asked the cashier and she took my order. I think next time I'll try a torta sandwich. It's right on my way home - so I can grab & go!

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