Restaurant Review: La Mexicana - Newport, KY

There is an abundance of authentic Mexican in Cincinnati now - it's a bit crazy - you can pretty much find a taqueria in every part of town (Westside - are you represented?). I'm not big on the Groupons anymore but when one came up for La Mexicana in Newport - I snatched it up. 

Because we had $20 to work with, we started with guacamole ($4.99 - medium) - it's one of my favorites. The chips were very fresh and crispy. The guac was pretty good - could have used a little more lime - but still good - very chunky - that's the way I like it. And - of course - my Mexican Coke

I ordered tacos - from left to right - vegetarian, shrimp and chorizo. I think the American in me will always win out - to me - I want cheese and sour cream on my tacos. I like the vegetarian a lot - I always get at least one - I should probably just get all 3 that way - rice, beans, lettuce, tomato and cheese. Not very Mexican - but tasty nonetheless. The shrimp was good - I topped it with a little quac and loved it. The chorizo wasn't so great - it was dry and too crispy for me. 

Dawn got a chicken quesadilla - it was really large - with lots of melty cheese as well as the crumbly cheese. I wanted to steal a bite but refrained myself. :-) Dawn - if you're reading this - offer one up next time!! (hahaha - just kidding).

Why Should You Go? It's one of my favorite authentic places in the city. I love the two light corn tortillas with the tacos. I think the places like Mazunte & Bakersfield might actually have tacos I like better but there's just something about La Mexicana that I will always go back for. (Oh and they have a grocery and will do your taxes????)

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