Restaurant Review: Mardi Gras on Madison

My husband works for a truck rental company that also refills propane tanks - so he's come across a few food trucks over the past few months coming in. One in particular chatted up with him - he mentioned his infamous wife ;-) and the rest is history! 

New Orleans to Go is said food truck and on their recent trips they mentioned that their physical location - Mardi Gras on Madison was about to open. Well - that's all it took - I was on top of it! Mardi Gras is in East Walnut Hills in the same strip as Suzie Wong's.

Just as an fyi - there is a parking lot behind the "mall" area. We parked there and walked around - you have to walk through in the corner to the sidewalk by Suzie Wong's if you park back there. Or - get lucky and park on the street. :-)

Sure enough when I walked in - they asked us how we heard about the place - I told them about my husband and the guy was like - Oh yeah - Larry!!! 

They have daily specials and that's pretty much the totality of the menu - so if you're going to head over - you probably want to check their Facebook page to see what the menu item for the day is. Luckily when we went - it was Po' Boys and we were all good with that!

They'll seat you - but there are no physical menus - so catch your eye on the chalkboard when you come in.

We all went for a mixture of the special and sides - I was up first with a Shrimp Po' Boy and Ms. Mabel's green beans. Let me tell you - the beans are spicy! They were a bit too spicy for me - but good flavor. The Po' Boy was awesome! Let me tell you - the portions are huge! I'd say 1/3 of the shrimp fell out and were snack food - which is not a bad thing. Large sandwiches can be hard to eat but this was well worth it. It also came with a side of the spicy honey sauce. Amazing. The bun was just right - sometimes they're too hard - which makes it harder to eat - but this was really great. Happy Camper! (It's so huge - you really don't need a side...but you'll want one.)

Susie got the Chicken Po' Boy and Spicy Honey Fries. The chicken - well there was enough for two people! She definitely took some home with her. The fries though - this is the real star. Really really crispy waffle fries are always a good thing - then they're topped with the spicy honey sauce. Oh my. Thankfully the sandwich was so huge that Susie was generous with her fries.

I told someone the other day - the real sign of a great new restaurant is that when I leave - I can't wait to come back for that one special dish. These spicy honey fries are that dish! I'm drooling just thinking about them. (Susie - we're going back!)

Dawn got the shrimp with sweet potato fries - again - delicious. The other nice thing was even though everything was fried - NOTHING was greasy or oily. I'm not sure how they do it - but I'm glad they do!

Matt & Criss chose the catfish po' boy - they were both pleased as punch. Everybody was STUFFED because of the large portions. But we were also happy as can be - because it was delicious! 

Why Should You Go? The food is fantastic! I can't wait to go back and try some of their other specials. Just fyi - service is a bit slow - but they've only been open a couple weeks and a sit down restaurant is different from a food truck - so they're still getting used to everything. 

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