Restaurant Review: Pick Two Lunch at Via Vite - Downtown Cincinnati

Recently I had lunch with a friend - we had planned it ahead of time and were going to Via Vite downtown. We're both downtown workers and it's a nice place - quiet so we could catch up. Then on Black Friday they had a deal to get $5 off $25 when you buy a gift certificate online - sweet! 

It was PACKED for lunch...and they have a Pick Two combo that includes a drink for $12. 

I chose the Boucheron Goat Cheese Salad (+$2) which is a spring mix with pistachio and raspberry-truffle vinaigrette. 

This salad made me think of Anthony Bourdain on The Taste when he said, "Truffle Oil is NOT A FOOD." This salad was DROWNING in it. Actually the whole restaurant smelled of truffle oil when I walked in. It's so pungent you cannot miss it - yuck! So after burrowing my way through the smell -  to then be served a plate of it - ugh - no thanks. Beneath the spring mix is a circle of fried goat cheese. That was good and I ate that. The rest stayed on the plate. 

For the other half of my Pick Two - I chose Penne Bolognese (+$2). It was just as bad as the salad. I've never had an orange bolognese. The dish was luke warm and gloppy. It had very little flavor and tasted more like Chef Boyardee than Chef. It didn't help that the truffle oil smell was still in my mouth. 

Why Should You Go? This was an extremely disappointing trip to Via Vite. I've been other times and loved it. If I were to guess - they get too busy with the Pick Two and make up the bolognese ahead of time and it sits. Also - to have half of the menu items on a Pick Two have a $2 upcharge is a little silly. Give me a little smaller portion and just charge the $12. I definitely will NOT be back for lunch any time soon. 

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