Product Review - Dog Toys: Wobble Wag GiggleTM Ball & Bag O' *icks

I have two dogs and I love them more than anything else - they are my babies. But they're also rotten! They chew EVERYTHING. There is hardly a dog toy that can withstand their teeth. Don't even get me started on dog treats - they'll claim "long-lasting" - ha - 5 minutes at best! So I'm always giddy when I find a dog toy or treat that lives through a day in our house. 

First up - the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball. The commercials are all over - it's a hard plastic ball that has these noise-making tubes inside that make funny noises that keep the dogs attention. No batteries needed. It's also an infomercial type of thing - you can't really buy 1 - it's BOGO - but then you pay separate shipping - so you're basically paying $30 for 2 of them. Why did I buy it? Every time my pup hears the commercial his head does this:

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It just cracks us up - so when he did that with this toy - I had to buy it. I was planning on giving one to a friend...but well - you'll find out. 

The ball is a little smaller than I thought it would be. It's also a LOT harder than I expected it to be. That was my big fear in purchasing was that I'd spend $15 and the toy wouldn't last a day. As I said - I have two power-chewers and these balls don't even have a scratch on them! 

Here's a little more info on the ball and it's technology. 
I ended up keeping both balls - my little dog is very possessive of toys and food - so it's easier to have two - so that way they each can have one to play with when they get feisty. 

The ball doesn't make the noise all the time - it has to sort of be shaken or pushed by one of the dogs. If you roll it - it doesn't really make the noise. That said - it makes it enough. The bonus of the ball being really hard is also a bit annoying because you can't really throw it around - it's really hard and loud on the hardwood floors. But my dogs love them so that's all that matters. $30 well spent. 

Warning: the remainder of this post contains images of dog toys in the shape of private parts. 
You've been warned. 

The second toy I'm reviewing is one that I won on Instagram. My friend has gotten me hooked on finding sweeps on Instagram and this was one of the first ones I entered - and I won! What did I win? 

A Bag O' Dicks! Meowadays is an Etsy retailer and they have a crazy assortment of dog & cat toys.  (Remember: you've been warned) 

And there's Wiener - with a wiener. BHAHAHAHAHAHA
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So how did these toys last with my chewers? (Oh yeah - them chewing on wieners for hours - TOO MUCH!) Well they did pretty good. I figured these wouldn't last five minutes - they're crocheted or knitted (I don't know the difference) - but the yarn is very thick and sturdy. The toys have squeakers in them - so I knew they were eventually doomed.

It took Wiener about 2 hours to get a hole into the lower part of the wiener and then he got the squeaker out and some of the stuffing. At that point I took it away and pulled out the loose stuffing - but they still love them. They keep playing with them - I throw the wieners around the house and they chase them and chew on them. I'm honestly really surprised at how well they held up. If you had a mild chewer - they'd probably be good to go!

These toys are available on Etsy for $14/each.

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