Restaurant Review: Bento Box Lunch @ Green Papaya - Hyde Park

I am a huge fan of Green Papaya and I've been many many times - I usually always get the Basil Thai Spicy pasta but my friend Lauren convinced me to try something different. She always gets the Sushi Bento Box ($10.95) - so I went for it!

The Bento Box lunch is served with soup , salad, appetizer, fruit and either vegetable fried rice, vegetable Pad Thai, Jasmin Rice or Brown Rice. I chose Spicy Tuna and California Rolls for my sushi and Pad Thai. The side was a veggie egg roll. It was a great lunch - very filling and tasty. I loved the pad thai (I've only had it once before somewhere else and didn't care for it). 

I still love my favorite pasta dish - but when you want a little sushi and a little Thai - this is a perfect option! Keep up the good work Green Papaya! 

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