Restaurant Review: Django Western Taco

I've been on such a taco rant lately - I feel like I can't stop until I've tried all the tacos that Cincinnati has to offer!! Recently I asked folks on my Facebook page for their favorites and one name that came up but was new to me - was Django Western Taco

Django is in Northside in the former Slims location on the angle by the park. The kitchen is open with a small bar area where you can watch the magic. There are quite a few tables and an interesting modern, yet western decor. 

We went for lunch and the decision of what to get was NOT EASY! The entrees sounded delicious - I can't wait to go back and try the Sheriff's Stone Bowl! I can probably go 3 more times and try new things each time! 

We started with chips - they were pretty good - a little bland - but good. The green sauce was mild so I stuck with that. The red was HOT but had a good flavor with it. 

I chose tacos and a side of their Pickled 6 ($2) - it's a mix of pickled veggies to add to the tacos. They were really good and added some zing. For the tacos - I got:

  • Beef - braised brisket, horseradish crema, cilantro ($4) - the brisket was very tender. This can be such a hit or miss at most taco places but I really liked it.  
  • Shrimp - fried shrimp, spinach, sweet chili sauce, goat cheese ($6) - a little more expensive but delicious! The shrimp was fried perfectly but the star was the combo of the sweet chili sauce with the cool, creamy goat cheese. My favorite! 
  • Veggie - sauteed veggies, mushrooms, avocado crema, cheese, cilantro ($3) - I think when you put a ton of things in a shell - you don't always need meat. The veggie is often my favorite - so I wanted to try it. It was good - I like that there was cheese on it too. 
All in all - I really liked all of them. I think the veggie was probably my least favorite of the 3 but still good. Also - these are SOFT shelled corn tortillas. They look hard because of the form they're in but they're soft. And for the abundance of toppings - they hold up well! 

My coworkers came too - Dawn tried the Pastor ($3) and Fish ($5) along with a side of Jalapeno Bacon Cornbread ($3). She liked both of them and let me try a bite of the cornbread. I was a little wary - they brought it without butter and it looked dry. But - IT WAS DELICIOUS! It sort of crumbled apart but was still very moist - no butter needed. It was really tasty and not very spicy. I would DEFINITELY get that again! 

Susie mixed it up with the Pastor, Chicken ($3) and Fish - again a happy luncher! 

Why Should You Go? Well - there was definitely a good reason to add this to the list. I really enjoyed it. I'm still thinking about that sweet chili shrimp taco! They also have a parking lot in the back - it's not big - but in Northside - it's helpful! 

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