Restaurant Review: Mazunte Taqueria (2.0)

Before hitting up the Dancing with the Stars LIVE show at the Taft - my friend Kelleen and I decided to grab a bite to eat first. She lives in my old 'hood of Pleasant Ridge and had never been to Mazunte - so we headed over since it wasn't too far away.

We got chips, salsa, guacamole and a Mexican Coke. Poor us - our meals were so filling - we barely touched the guac - but it's good. 

Kelleen got tacos - which I've tried before. The one on the left was new to me though - it's a Taco Dorado - rolled and fried, filled with chicken, red sauce, spinach, avocado and topped with crema and queso fresco. This was a bit of a disappointment - it was too crispy. 

I chose the corn empanadas with mushrooms ($7.25). I was disappointed with mine as well. I had Empanadas Aqui a while back and think I'm just a little spoiled by theirs. They just didn't have much flavor and were a bit dry. The rice was bland and the beans were basically liquid. I definitely wouldn't get these again. 

Why Should You Go? Stick with the tacos (pork is my favorite) or the Pozole. 

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