Restaurant Review: Montgomery Inn Boathouse

Recently I was invited by a vendor to Montgomery Inn Boathouse for lunch and since it had been a while since my last visit - I thought I'd snap a couple quick picks. I'm not actually that big a fan of the ribs - I like them dry more than sauced - so I was looking forward to trying something else. 

Bleu Wedge Salad (Half - $4.99) 

A few other folks got salad and the wedge salad sounded good so I went for it. I always think of Modern Family and the episode when Claire went nutso because she'd been telling Phil about the wedge salad for years - love that! I actually don't like bleu cheese but for some reason in a wedge salad - I like it. This was really good - the bleu isn't really strong and everything was crisp and fresh. 

Daily Special - Mahi over angel hair with loads of veggies

I chose the daily special of Mahi Mahi. It was served over angel hair pasta and was loaded with vegetables - peppers, onions, mushrooms, asparagus, etc... This was delicious! The fish was grilled so it was light and the veggies were just right. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish and would definitely get it again. 

Why Should You Go? My food was great - people are usually pretty polarized about Montgomery Inn and the ribs - so no use trying to change minds there. But I'd say - if you're not a fan - go anyway and try something else! There's plenty of other options on the menu. 

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