Restaurant Review: Red Squirrel - Downtown/Price Hill

The girls at work and I go to lunch pretty much every day (oh how I need to start packing) - but sometimes we just get tired of the same old same old that's within a few minutes driving distance to downtown. We were dropping something off at a vendor and drove by Red Squirrel and thought, "Hey - let's go there!"

It's on Dalton - near Cincinnati Museum Center and the post office. It's one of only a couple locations left - a few years back a lot of them changed names or closed. It's only open for lunch and it gets BUSY!!!! 

There's no website and the menu is up on the wall. They mainly have single & double deckers - with a few hot selections. You go up to the counter and order and within just a couple of minutes - you're handed your lunch! I was really surprised at how quick it was - they have to make them fresh - but it was so fast!  

You get a container with your sandwich, pickle and a bag of chips. They have bottled drinks to choose from as well. That pickle - whoooooooooo - it is SOUR! It definitely created that pucker face you think of when you eat something sour. 

Susie went for ham & sliced egg - then decided to add a little bacon (haha). She was shocked at how large this was - it's a single - and it was massive! 

Dawn got a BLT ($6.15) - again - massive amounts of bacon. We all liked it too because the bacon wasn't so burned to a crisp that it just fell apart. 

I went for a double-decker (I'm crazy like that) and got chicken salad and bacon ($7.50). Oh so good. Seriously - awesome. I didn't even touch the chips - I'm not a huge chips fan for lunch - and the sandwich was most definitely filling enough! 

Why Should You Go? This is a great sandwich and it's super fast. They have probably 10 tables inside - and they are always full but there's also a huge take-out business. We are DEFINITELY going back to the Red Squirrel. It's just as close as Newport for us and it's something different and delicious! 

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