Restaurant Review: Giuseppe's - Covington, KY

I'm still in search of a pizza I can't resist - and came across a new place on Urbanspoon - Giuseppe's in Covington - so thought I would check it out. 

It's in sort of a weird spot in the Cov' - as you're going around this curve - you have a choice to go straight or around the curve. 90% of the people go around the curve - but this - you go straight. It's on Madison - but not "downtown Covington" Madison. It's in a strip mall as you can see in the photo above. 

So I was going for pizza - then I saw the menu

And saw something called DIRTY BALLS. Yeah - apparently - I'm not getting pizza anymore. Apparently the "dirty cheese" is the crispy cheese around the edges if you got a deep dish pizza - it is the best cheese. They make this dirty cheese on purpose and you can get it added to anything on the menu!

The restaurant is BUSY around the lunch hour - there are maybe 10 tables and they were full up! You do sit down and a server comes to you - or you can do takeout orders at the window. There's also a neat mural across the wall that shows area businesses.

The girls each got a 2-topping 8-inch pizza ($4.29 + .49/topping). They came out looking good. Service took a little while - I think we had a new server and they were busy - plus we were sitting by the front door and it was cold. That said - when the pizza came out - everybody had big smiles. The girls were also excited that banana peppers were on the topping list!

Yup - another 2-topping 8-inch pizza - looks cheesy good - right? 

Like I said though - when I saw something called Dirty Balls ($5.99) on the menu - I had to get it. Plus they had Greek Fries with tzatziki sauce ($1.99) - I was SOLD! Let's talk about the fries first - Greek fries - oh how I love you. Luckily - their Greek fries are great! They have this lemon seasoning sprinkled on top and the tzatziki is so delicious! It's very thick - that's how I like it. Yum! 

Now onto the Dirty Balls (um - they also have a sandwich called the Fat 'n Dirty - next time baby - next time!). This was a great sandwich - the bread was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The meatballs were good - very moist - they said they're "fresh" so I'm guessing that means homemade but not really sure. The Dirty Balls are smothered with mushroom sauce and dirty cheese - you can see it poking out there with the crispy edges. All in all - good sandwich.

Why Should You Go? We typically go to Pasquales in Bellevue and I think collectively we thought Giuseppes was better - but a little further and a little slower. That said - it was tasty and I like the wide variety of options. We'll definitely be back!

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