Restaurant Review: Mad Mike's Burgers & Fries, Newport KY

Every once in a while - I just get a hankering for a good burger. A really good - juicy - unique burger. We'd driven by Mad Mike's in Newport numerous times and I'd heard rumors of their burgers - so finally - Dawn & I made it a point to go. 

It's up the street from the Levee on the corner where Graeters used to be. Once inside - there is a big menu on the wall and you order at the counter. They'll give you a number to take to your table. There was ample street parking nearby as well.

Dawn got a simple chicken breast sandwich ($6.99) - a chicken burger in their world. The burgers do not come with a side - just an fyi.

Dawn chose onion rings for her side. They just sounded delicious. Theirs are served with a spicy aioli sauce. Dawn was nice enough to let me try one. The batter was nice and crispy - done the right amount - a little salt on top. Good stuff. The aioli was okay but the onion rings are rich enough on their own.

I ordered the Pride of Zeus Burger ($6.49) - which is basically a gyro on top of a burger. It's got gyro meat, feta cheese, tzatziki sauce, lettuce & onions. I don't know for sure - but I don't think the gyro meat is from a spit (i.e. fresh) as it was a bit dry. The burger itself was pretty good. The gyro on top took it a bit over the top and was a bit dry. The tzatziki was good though - so I was happy about that.

I got fries for my side ($2.19) and they were pretty much Penn Station fries.

Why Should You Go? They have really creative burgers - I already said that next time I want the Look-Out Below - with cream cheese, jalapenos, mad sauce, fried egg & lettuce. Come on - that sounds delish! With what I got - it wasn't the best burger I've had - but definitely worth another shot with another combination.

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