Restaurant Review: Pasquale's, Newport KY

Recently for lunch we were in Newport, KY and drove by Pasquale's (down the street from La Mexicana) - and wondered if it was the same as the Pasquale's in Bellevue (wow look how bad my photos were in 2012!) - so we put it on the list of "places to try". Last week was the time! 

I love dining in Newport on Monmouth Street because parking is free! Pasquale's is just two doors down from La Mexicana - so it was easy to find and there was a spot right in front. It's recently been remodeled - so it's pretty nice on the inside. Upon arrival we asked if they were the same as Bellevue - they are not. There was a customer waiting for his pizza who told us very quickly that he thought this Pasquale's was far better and cheaper. So - we ordered!

I ordered garlic bread with cheese ($2.50 for small) - it was really good. The other Pasquale's has this on the menu as well but they put a lot of garlic butter on it - so it's much saltier and more buttery. While I love butter - this was actually better because it wasn't so greasy. The marinara served on the side was cold :-(.

Then we each got a 7-inch pizza - their prices are RIDICULOUS. A small 1-topping pizza is $2.95. TWO DOLLARS AND NINETY FIVE CENTS. I splurged and got a 3-topping - $3.35. THREE DOLLARS AND THIRTY FIVE CENTS! The soda is either bottled water or a soda machine (75 cents/can). 

The pizza is small - but it was tasty - especially for $3 and enough for lunch!!!! I think the crust at Giuseppe's is better... but this was good and it's closer. 

Why Should You Go? Tasty, quick service, affordable - yes! We'll definitely be back! They also have hoagies and pasta - so there's a good variety! 

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