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Recently I went to Orlando for the Food Blog Forum and we had some time to ourselves so I decided to try out some of the Celebrity Chef fare on the Disney properties. I found out that Todd English has a restaurant at the Dolphin called bluezoo and they had a reservation open!

We were staying at the Grand Floridian - which is on the monorail. The nice thing about DisneyWorld is that it's really easy to get around. A quick monorail ride to Magic Kingdom and then a bus ride from there over to the Swan/Dolphin. When you realize it takes 20-30 min to get there - you realize just how big Disney is! 

The Dolphin resort has a beautiful fountain in the entryway - there are a few restaurants inside to choose from. 

The bluezoo is to the back and down the escalator - I tell you this because there are no signs - the concierge pointed me in the right direction.

Inside it has a very formal atmosphere - you definitely feel an aquatic vibe around the restaurant. I was seated against a wall - which was nice - it gave me something to look at while I was eating and I didn't feel like people were gawking at the girl dining alone!

First they served bread - there were a couple of different kinds served with a fennel butter. The bread was fine - not the best I've had - not the worst I've had. I'm not a big fennel fan either...but it was ok.

For the first course I chose the Teppan seared jumbo sea scallop with braised beef short rib and a cauliflower puree ($18). I'm a sucker for short rib - and then you pair that with a scallop - I pretty much figured this would be a sure thing.

And it was! It was DELICIOUS! The short rib melted in your mouth, the scallop was seared but not rubbery and the cauliflower puree had the texture of a creamy mashed potato. So delicious - I should have ordered two.

For the main, I chose their Simply Fish selection ($35) which was a choice of 3 fish, grilled and served with a warm crabmeat dijon mustard sauce. This was served with marbled potatoes, vinegar, shaved hearts of palm and...truffle oil. (Oh the dreaded truffle oil.) I just hate it. It stinks and overpowers everything it touches. So the potatoes were basically inedible. :-(

For the fish - I chose the Corvina from Costa Rica. The server was very knowledgeable and said that it was a thick white fish - which I normally like. Unfortunately this tasted like dry turkey breast. You know when you have turkey at Thanksgiving and you get a piece of kinda dry turkey. I really didn't like it. Ugh - so disappointing. But there was one saving grace...

The warm crabmeat with a dijon mustard sauce was delicious! I actually just gave up on the fish and potatoes and just ate this with a spoon. I really wanted to ask for another little mini-pan of it!

I didn't go for dessert - none of them sounded that good - they all had something I don't like - rice pudding or caramel or whatever.

Why Should You Go? If you're staying at the Swan or Dolphin - then it's fine. But there are so many great places on the properties - I wouldn't go back.

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