Here's a Quick Dinner Recipe with #FreeBeef #helper!

I'm all about a quick dinner recipe - I just don't have time for 15 ingredients, an hour of prep time and then an hour to cook. So I've got something special for you but I'm going to go out on a limb and say you're not going to know what this dish is?

That's right - Mom's old favorite go-to dinner - Hamburger Helper is still here and better than ever! It's funny because I mentioned today at work that I had Hamburger Helper and numerous people said, "Oh man - I haven't had that Mom made it as a kid!!"

The thing is - it's worth another look! It's the perfect quick dinner in a snap - all you need is a pound of hamburger - and you're golden! The best part is - right now - if you buy 3 boxes - there's a Hamburger Helper rebate to give you a pound of ground beef for free! More on that in a minute...

I loved revisiting this classic - it's super simple - even my husband could make it - and he did! I enlisted his help - he's not much for cooking and said if he cooked, I would do dishes. He chose the Crunchy Taco which came with the sauce mix, cheese sauce mix, rice and nacho chips.

Putting dinner together was super simple - brown the ground beef - add milk, water, rice & sauce - let it simmer and thicken up. The sauce starts out as a creamy white - because of the milk but quickly turns a nice thick and cheesy goodness!

It was also great to find something that can come to the table in less than 30 minutes! I work 830-515 - but with my drive - don't get home until 6. Then I have to take care of the dogs, start the dishwasher and throw in a load of laundry. By that time - Larry's home - and hungry! So there just isn't a lot of time for preparing some fancy meal with 15 ingredients - I need a quick dinner recipe that can go from fridge to table FAST! Hamburger Helper fits the bill - to a tee! (And it's even better with the Hamburger Helper rebate for FREE ground beef!)

Once the rice is all plumped up - you make up a quick cheese sauce for the topping with milk and then pour over the top of the finished product. Last - top with crumbled nacho chips and dinner is served!

It's so nice to find something this simple - that my husband will not only eat - but help make! He's so picky and most of the time - he does NOT like anything resembling a casserole. But this - he had two bowls!

The best thing is - for a limited time with the Hamburger Helper rebate - if you buy 3 Hamburger Helpers and a pound of ground beef - you can submit your receipt and get a rebate on your ground beef. That means dinner will just be $1.50! (That's how much they are at Walmart.) That's a value meal for sure!!!!

I customized my Crunchy Taco Hamburger Helper recipe a little by topping it with my favorite taco sauce and sour cream. Good stuff!

When's the last time you had Hamburger Helper? What was your favorite flavor growing up? (Mine was - not surprisingly - Cheeseburger Macaroni!)

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