New Restaurant Review: Main St Social - Monroe

A friend invited me to check out the new Main Street Social in Monroe. It used to be called Red Onion and we loved it - Larry had the best salmon ever there. It closed suddenly and we've been waiting for something to open in its place. 

It's on the main drag in the town part of Monroe (not by the Hustler store) - it's only about 5 minutes off the exit on I-75. 

The interior hasn't changed at all from when it was Red Onion. There is a long bar and then booths around the outside. It's a very industrial look - not exactly warm - but they make good use of a small space.

Beer Cheese Dip ($5) - cheddar cheese, horseradish & stout beer

They provided us an appetizer of Beer Cheese Dip - and I came a little late to the party - so there was more in the cup. It was pretty good for Beer Cheese - but I think $5 is a little pricey for a cup that size. It had some zip though and I liked it.

Their craft beer selection is something to take note of - they have a great selection on the menu as well as additional items on the chalkboard.

Loaded Main Fries ($7) - waffle fries, cheddar cheese, bacon, scallions, ranch

I was excited to try the loaded fries - it seems right up my alley of course - cheese & ranch together in harmony! This could have been great - but the waffle fries were too done and hard. The ranch was tasty though.

Chicken Salad ($6) - cubed chicken, dill mayo, water chestnuts, candied pecans on a brioche bun

Kristin got the chicken salad sandwich from their cold lunch box menu. She said it was pretty good but not her favorite. I like plain "normal" chicken salad and that doesn't include water chestnuts. Usually I'm adventurous - but not with my chicken salad. 

Chopped Salad ($4 side) - romaine, chicken, bacon, carrot, almonds, feta, cranberries, green onion & poppyseed dressing

She got a chopped salad for her side and said this was delicious! It was a lot for just $4 also. The toppings were great and the chicken was moist. This was definitely the favorite of the night. 

Cheddar Corn Casserole ($3.50)

I also wanted to try a side - we were all together (they gave us a 25% discount on our tab) - so we were sharing and trying different sides. This was okay - I guess I was thinking of more of a spoonbread like I had at the Eagle - this was much more of a "savory" casserole. It had a lot of onion and a sharp cheddar. It was good - but when you're expecting something more sweet - and you get something sharp - it's just different. If you go in planning on rich and savory - you'll probably dig it.

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Mac & Cheese Dog ($6.50) - Hot Dog topped with Spicy Mac & Cheese & onion straws

I actually had a hard time choosing from the menu - there isn't a big selection and I wasn't in the mood for a burger. I came across the Mac & Cheese Dog and thought it was right up my alley. The bun is substantial - which is good because the toppings are heavy - it held up. The hot dog was good - really good. They aren't kidding when they say SPICY mac & cheese - you have to be able to handle it. It was a big dog and I liked it - a little too spicy for me - but I hung in there.

Why Should You Go? It was a bit hit or miss for me - but in the end - the Mac & Cheese Dog saved the day. I really loved the Red Onion and can't say this hit that mark for me - but I'd like to go back and try a burger.

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