Restaurant Review: Buckhead Mountain Grill - Bellevue, KY

Larry and I took a day off and went on a day drive - the weather was beautiful so we decided to end the day with a bite to eat outside... We were heading down Kentucky 8 and landed in Bellevue, KY. 

Buckhead Mountain Grill has a location right on the river with a huge deck - so it was the spot. I thought Buckhead was a much larger chain - but they only have 3 locations - Bellevue, Louisville and Jeffersonville, IN. It makes me like them a little more!

We started out with their yeast rolls served with cinnamon butter. These are really good - light and fluffy - served hot right out of the oven!

Larry went for the soup & salad combo ($7.99) - the house salad has tomatoes, bacon, egg, shredded cheese and croutons. He left off the eggs and liked it. It's funny - he gets in these salad kicks - it's so odd! When he's not in that kick - I can't get him to touch a vegetable!

For the soup - he chose the Baked Potato Soup. I'm super picky on baked potato soup - I like it creamy and made with milk - not brothy. This hit the nail on the head. It was really good.

I went for the Durango Chicken Salad ($11.99). I actually went to Buckhead for a work function a couple weeks earlier and wanted this salad but ended up splitting the Fried Chicken ($13.99). The fried chicken was okay but not great - too much breading.

On this second outing - I had to get this salad. It's got grilled honey lime chicken, tomatoes, Monterey jack and cheddar cheese, fresh southwest relish and handmade salsa ranch dressing. It's a really good salad - I have to say - a little small for $12 - but delicious. Very good choice and I'd definitely get this over the fried chicken if I had a do-over.

Why Should You Go? The view is great, the beer is cold and the food is good. The one thing we didn't get that you HAVE to get - Cheese Boulders ($9.49). They're LARGE balls of fried cheese - bigger than a golf ball, smaller than a tennis ball. They are by far my favorite thing on the menu - oh so good! So split those - and get the Durango - that way you're being good and bad! :-)

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