Restaurant Review: The Growler House & Suzie Wong's - Walnut Hills

My husband and I decided to meet up with our friends over at Entertaining Views from Cincinnati for dinner. I provided some options that are between us and we landed on Suzie Wong's in Walnut Hills. 

We were early getting there so we decided to stop into The Growler House first. Larry is a sucker for craft beer so we stopped in. I was happy because they had a Honey Apple Cider on tap (and I could get a little baby-sized glass!) while Larry went for some God awful strong IPA. He loved it though. Great little place - tables - big bar (with the most giant stools ever) - and they have big and little growlers for to take home. 

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After drinks we headed a few doors up to Suzie Wong's. They have a great menu selection with Korean, Thai, Chinese, Thai and a little bit of everything else you can think of.

It's on the corner at Madison - there's quite a bit of parking on Madison and the side street. There's also a lot behind the building but I'm not quite sure if it's ok to park there - so do it - if you dare. :-)

Suzie Wong's serves alcohol but you can also BYOB for a bottle/cork fee. The folks at Tieton Cider Works sent me a bunch of flavors now that they've expanded to Ohio (Columbus & Cleveland). We tried three of the flavors and the Cherry Cider was the favorite - it had bite but wasn't too sweet.

We started with the Fire Cracker Crispy Calamari ($6.50). I had this the last time I was there and really like it. Definitely still my favorite calamari - it's crispy and not rubbery. The Thai Pomegranate sauce had a little kick - which I loved. All in all - still great!

Larry isn't very adventurous when it comes to Asian food so he stuck with Pineapple Chicken ($9.95) - which is served - in a pineapple!!! The chicken is crispy and it was sweet but not too overpowering. Good stuff!

Our friends tried a couple of things - first up was the Honey Garlic Chicken ($9.95). They were looking for items that were not spicy - which narrowed down the list a bit. I tried a bite though and loved it! Honey & Garlic - yum!

Based on my reco they also got the Malaysian Chicken in a Clay Pot ($13.95) - I remembered from trying this before how good it was. There's chicken, red onion, peppers and broccoli swimming and bubbling in Malaysian yellow curry sauce. I don't even like curry but this was tasty! I love friends that share! :-)
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I got the Bi Bim Bap again ($11.95) - oh so good - there's rice, steak, sprouts, spinach and kimchi topped with a sunny side up fried egg. Oh man - it sizzles so delicioiusly! They give you some Gochuchang paste to top it with - use as much as you dare - it's spicy! The beef is so delicious - I highly recommend it. 

All in all we had a great time. And our friends at Entertaining Views - well - they are a little shy - but we all had a very nice time at Suzie Wong's and can't wait to do it again!

Why Should You Go? It's still good! I like the variety - they have everything from Tofu to Duck! The calamari is my favorite and you can't go wrong with Bi Bim Bap - they both were drooling once they tried mine.

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