Restaurant Review: HWY 55 - Union Township

Recently I went on a crafting outing at Let's Go Doodlin and needed to have lunch first. Jenny & I decided to go to Hwy 55 which is by the new Jungle Jims in Union Township. 

I guess I would say it's similar to Johnny Rockets, Steak & Shake and Culvers in going for the 50s diner theme. Hwy 55 pride themselves that their burgers are fresh, never-frozen and hand made. They have a load of free toppings and cheese choices - which is nice. They also have frozen custard - um yum!

Inside - the seating is fun - there are normal tables & booths but then there are a couple that are like the back end of a car. We left those in case kids came in - they're really fun.

While we were waiting - the server (Marilyn Monroe - they all have 50s celeb names) brought us over tastings of their custard flavor of the day - Heath. I have to say - I didn't think I liked toffee but it was REALLY good - made me long for Culver's!

I got the John Boy & Billy BBQ Bacon Burger ($4.49) - why? Cuz how can you not get a burger with that long of a damn name! They have two sizes - Regular & Andy - the Andy is twice as big. I went for the regular size.

The burger has mustard, chili, bacon, cheese and a crispy onion ring and is then doused with John Boy & Billy Grillin' Sauce. Jenny said it best when she said that it seems like a burger you'd make at home. It's sort of slapped together and the bun looks like the cheap kind from the grocery store.

It was an okay burger - but not great - a little too much bun.

Jenny got a bacon cheeseburger with pepperjack. I do like the fact that you can get a lot of toppings for free (mustard, onion, slaw, chili, mayo, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, pickles, jalapenos, grilled mushrooms, grilled onions and grilled peppers) and choose your cheese (american, provolone, swiss, pepper jack). You can really customize the burger to what you want. The burgers are also affordable.

We each got combos that came with fries & a drink. The fries were fine - nothing special. Meh.

Why Should You Go? The whole thing was meh. The service was slow, the burger was fine. Blah blah. There was just nothing that made me want to come back - except maybe the custard. We weren't starving when we went so dessert wasn't really on the table for us. I don't think I'd go back - I think that Culvers does the whole thing much better.

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