Restaurant Review: Revolution Rotisserie - OTR

Revolution Rotisserie & Bar opened recently in OTR on Race just off of Central Parkway. They serve all sorts of "sandwiches" all made with house-made rotisserie chicken.  

Here's a hint of what's to come! 

They started as a tent at Findlay Market and just opened their spot that is also a block from Washington Park. In addition to the rotisserie chicken - they also have vegetarian options.

It's a bright open concept but the tables are pretty tight - so when it's busy - it's packed. There is quite a bit of street parking and since it's not in the middle of all the other restaurants - it's a little easier to find a spot.

I had the George Washington ($8) (don't mind the grey bar - no idea what happened there?) - it's basically a Greek Pita. It comes with Rotisserie chicken, arugula, feta cheese, red onion, cucumber, tomato & tzatziki sauce.

The pita part of the sandwich was good - it was a little crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The sandwich as a whole was pretty good - the chicken is tasty but even with the sauce - all in all - it was a little dry.

This reminded me of my times at It's Just Crepes (we miss you) - they can tend to be dry - so I always got one that has some saucy to it (The Red Goat - in case they ever come back). I need to find the pita with some saucy.

Dawn got the Nelson Mandela ($8 - chicken, pepperjack, black beans, corn chips, cilantro, tomato & chipotle ranch). I'll tell you - I was DROOLING over this. It looked delicious and was very saucy! Dawn liked it as well. On a return visit - I'll definitely get this one.

They have 8 options for sandwiches so I'm sure there's one you'll like.

We went for a side of tater tots (how can you not?!) that comes with a side of chipotle ranch ($3). These are good - as tater tots always are - but I'd love to see some type of seasoning on them to make them a little more special.

Why Should You Go? It's definitely worth a try - my sandwich was pretty good - but it has promise. You can also get a half-bird of their rotisserie or fun things like Tater Tot Poutine! It's pretty busy right now because it's new - so be prepared for a wait if you're there at prime time.

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