Restaurant Review: TGIFridays - Colerain

Hubby and I were looking for someplace different to go for a quick bite and decided to check out TGIFridays. Larry is always wanting to go there and I finally caved. 

Larry got a beer but I went for a Cherry Limeade with cherry, pomegranate, lime & Sprite. They also have an appetizer Taste & Share special with 3 for $15 so we decided to go for that.  

Roma tomato, roasted garlic and fresh basil on freshly baked Parmesan baguette crostinis with balsamic glaze. Four to an order.

Larry chose the Bruschetta - it looked a bit of a hot mess to me. I tried one bite and that was enough - the crostinis were too hard. I did love the balsamic glaze though - but I'm a bit of an addict when it comes to balsamic.

 But man - back to those Ahi Crisps - how can you not want to chow that down? 

Why Should You Go? I really judge if I'm going to back to someplace if there is something I had that makes me want to go back. So? TGIF gets a yes - because of those tuna nachos. And 3 for $15 is pretty good! It was a nice casual small meal.

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