Product Review: Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies - kosher & baked fresh daily!

I was recently invited to try out a tin of cookies - and well - when you offer cookies to a hussy - hussy will ALWAYS say yes. 

Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies were created in 1983 by Jimmy Libman. Jimmy is actually completely deaf from birth but he never let that get in his way. He was a cookie-making machine! Now there's a whole team of folks making Jimmy's cookies so all of us can enjoy them.

I don't normally expect much from a mailed cookie - but these cookies are baked fresh every day and shipped right away. They're also completely Kosher with no artificial ingredients.

My tin of cookies had two kinds of cookies and they were FRESH! The second I opened the tin - I was in heaven! The smell carried through the whole house! 

This was the chocolate rugelach (this comes in multiple flavors: vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate strudel, raspberry cream cheese, chocolate cream cheese & cream cheese). Rugelach is a traditional Jewish treat. 

These were delicious! They're super chocolatey and when you heat them up a little - they melt in your mouth. 

Then there was the Oatmeal Raisin. I can't even tell you how much people RAVED over these. People could not get enough of them - people that were on diets took one whiff and went to town!
The Oatmeal Raisin are INCREDIBLY soft and completely delicious.

Gimmee Jimmy's has other flavors as well: chocolate chip, chocolate chip oatmeal (OMG my favorite!), white chocolate chip, double chocolate chip and black & white cookies.

This tin of cookies was exceptional! If I had a corporate gift to send or just a gift for a special occasion I would not hesitate to think of Gimmee Jimmy's!

And it's not just cookies - they also have brownies and babka - chocolate & vanilla. And I have a love of Babka - actually I've never had it - but it makes me think of:

And that's always a good thing! 

Really loved the Gimmee Jimmy's and thanks so much for sending me the tin of cookies! They were enjoyed by all! 

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